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Home Delivery of Duck and Goose Prepared in Homestyle

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ABOUT US is a premier and authentic home delivery service of duck prepared in local style (Nganu Thongba) that has been proudly serving the Imphal region. During the current upheaval due to Covid-19, our mission has been to provide high-quality duck that is cooked by professional chef in very clean and sanitized professional kitchen.


Please visit our catering service page for customized bulk order.

Price of Bilaiti Athonga: Rs 320 per portion

Price of Bilaiti Angouba: Rs 350 per portion

Price of Nganu Athonga: Rs 150 per portion

Price of Nganu Angouba: Rs 180 per portion

Price of Makan Kaleja Singju: Rs 200 per portion

Price of Nganu Platter: Rs 300 per plate

Price of Stuffed Roasted Bilaiti: Rs 2800

Price of Stuffed Roasted Duck: Rs 1400

Delivery Charge: Rs 50

Delivery Time: About 1 hour

Opening Hour: 10 AM to 7 PM

Free delivery for doctors and nurses on duty at hospital

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M: 18003137066

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